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The Witness in Your Pocket

Smartphones record our every movement and track in extraordinary detail our every location throughout the day. Creepy, right? But could it be just the tool that wage-theft victims need to win their cases? In our new Clearinghouse article, two attorneys from Community Legal Services of Philadelphia explain the system they developed to pull cell phone location data and transform them into a useful record of work hours. Click here to read Nate Vogel and Michael Hollander's article, "The Witness in Your Pocket." 

In the latest Advocacy Exchange, Nate and Michael discussed this idea, the website, and how the data can be used. Watch a recording of the conversation here. 

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The Witness in Your Pocket

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Advocacy Exchange

Fighting Wage Theft with the Witness in Your Pocket

with Michael Hollander and Nate Vogel

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The Witness

The Witness Episode 5: Tennessee Supreme Court Justices

Justice Janice M. Holder & Margaret Behm and Justice Cornelia Clark & Anne Louise Wirthlin

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Community Lawyering for Environmental Health in Schools

Eliminating PCBs in New York City

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Ensuring Fair Housing for People with Criminal Records

A Conversation with HUD

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