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Diversity in Our Own Programs

Want your organization to be smarter and better able to respond to change? Want to avoid slipping into a "gray, tepid, homogenous monotony?" The best way to do that is to embrace the power of diverse groups of decision makers. There's math that says so! Bill Kennedy and Ada Shen-Jaffe, faculty and coaches with the Shriver Center's Racial Justice Training Institute, discussed this "diversity bonus" in the latest Advocacy Exchange. Watch now.

For more, including thorough citations to Prof. Scott E. Page's work on the "diversity bonus," read Bill's new Clearinghouse article, "The 'Diversity Bonus': What Public Interest Law Firms Have Missed Regarding Diversity." 

Advocacy Exchange

What We've Been Missing About Diversity

with Bill Kennedy and Ada Shen-Jaffe

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The “Diversity Bonus”

What Public Interest Law Firms Have Missed Regarding Diversity

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The Witness

The Witness Episode 3: Sugarbear

Fran Plunk and Stewart Clifton

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Ensuring Fair Housing for People with Criminal Records

A Conversation with HUD

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